Beaver Bottoms


Some of the Artists that use Beaver Bottoms

Dave Torres of the Jason & the Haymakers Band.

Dave uses a Custom Made cabinet with 1-15" speaker


Carl Davis of the Carl Davis Blues Band.

Carl uses a MKII 1-12" Cabinet to fill out his rig.


Matt "tha Kat" Lentz  of the Amazing Coconauts Band.

Matt uses a Model 1964 2-12" Cabinet,  a Model 1966 1-12 Tone Ring Cabinet & now a Model 1963 G6G15 Reverb Unit Cabinet.


Trevor James  of the 4-50's Band.

T.J. uses a Model 1962 2-10" Cabinet




Stuart Garney  of the Mike Bader Band

Stu uses a Model 1966 1-15" Tone Ring Cabinet with the aged grille cloth.

Stu Says: "I have been giging/touring with it for the past year and love it." 



Blair Douglass  of the Soft Speaker Band

Blair uses a Custom Made cabinet with 1-15" speaker


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Beaver Bottoms Reproduction Cabs


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