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Model 1962

It is faithfully recreated using pine boards, with corners Box Jointed, it has a  plywood baffle  and a plywood back just like the original.  

It is covered in the correct period tolex, in this case it is rough blond with Wheat grille cloth, it has a brown dog-bone handle, correct metal corners on all eight corners.  Glides are installed on the bottom.  Input jack with the correct input cups. All installed just like the original. Wiring Harness is also Included.

Model 1962 2-15 Cabinet

A 2 - 15" speaker Cabinet including the internal divider

Model 1962 2-12 Cabinet

A 2 - 12" speaker Cabinet including the internal divider

Model 1962 2-10 Cabinet


A 2 - 10" speaker Cabinet including the internal divider




6G15 Reverb Cabinet Rough Blonde/Wheat




Model 1962 Piggy-back Amp Backs

All models.

Backs are complete with correct attaching screws & washers.

Backs are $30.00 each

Baffles are $30.00 each

Buy one each get both for $50.00

All prices do not include shipping!!



Model 1962 Piggy-back Amp Baffles

Beaver Bottoms Reproduction Cabs


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Fender Speaker Cabinet





Dual Showman

Deluxe Reverb

Super Reverb

Twin Reverb

Pro Reverb